Important points for membership Registration

1. USERNAME : While filling the username, use the name or service you like to highlight or related with your Category because after registration you get it your personal ID URL. Suppose your promotional name or business name is “ABC Enterprise”, then while registration write USERNAME : abc-enterprise & your URL will be like this .

If you are using the Category related word  (suppose your Category is Beautician), then while registration write USERNAME : beautician-kolkata & your URL will look like

Username can’t be changed after Registration.

2. CATEGORY : Our category reflects your talent. Use the best Keyword that describes your talent. Like if you are good in dance then your category will be “DANCER”. Properly check the spelling of the category before submission.

3. AREA : Use the name of a broader area. This will help you to get more customers.

4. E-mail : Enter a valid email it as it is required to accept coupons & transfers. More important when you forget your password.

Email ID can’t be changed after Registration.

5. PASSWORD : A password must have at least 1 capital letter, 1 small letter and 1 numeric. Password will not be less than 8 digit. Password & Confirm password must be same. Red box remain until you type the same at both the boxes.

If you want to create a perfect Profile then please call us at Helpline no. +918296782371 before Registration. We will help you to create a perfect Profile.


See the video to know the complete process of Free Registration.


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